Our Story

Our Story

Just Breathe is more than a phrase. It is a way of finding the inner wisdom that is the promise of yoga. Whether you are a beginning or experienced student, seeking a gentle or vigorous practice, we offer classes to guide you along your path.

Each of our teachers has their individual style, and as a group, we believe that yoga is more than just a pose. We take a personal interest in you and support your progress with hands on guidance.

All Just Breathe Yoga Instructors have a minimum of 200 hour certification and/or 500 hours from an accredited teacher training program. We all continue to study, attend classes, workshops and seminars.

We believe this ancient art has the power to change lives for the better. Yoga develops stamina, strength and flexibility as well as reducing stress, increasing mental focus and encouraging relaxation.

We are committed to offering what we believe to be the best yoga experience possible.

Just ….  Inhale  ….  Exhale  ….  Breathe  ….