Galey Kielian

Instructor, E-RYT 200, RYT 500

Galey’s first yoga experience occurred in 1970. While family and work took her away from the mat over the years, a running injury brought her back. After personally experiencing the stress relieving and rehabilitative effects of yoga, her understanding of the benefits of yoga was clear. Galey knew she would be a student for life.

Continually seeking knowledge and experience, Galey studied under many teachers in a variety of practices. These experiences brought her to the understanding that yoga is for everyone. Wanting to share this ancient tradition with others, she embarked on a 200-hour teacher training program. With the understanding that completing this training was only the beginning of the journey of a true yoga teacher, Galey has continued to explore and experience this life-changing practice with many teachers and traditions.

Galey truly believes that whatever physical condition a person may be in, everyday is a good day to start yoga. Yoga is not about standing on your head (although that may happen!) The truth of yoga is being able to keep the mind and breath focused in the simplest of postures.

As a teacher, Galey’s passion is helping students become aware of the Mind/Body/Breath connection. She encourages students to accept where they are at this given moment and learn to use the breath as a bridge between mind and body. The focus of her teaching is to help students bring the mindfulness of their practice into their everyday lives.

Galey is eternally grateful to all the many teachers she has been blessed to practice with over the years and for all the knowledge they have imparted to her.

A few of those teachers and trainings are..

  • Certification at 200 hours through the Chicago Yoga Center under the direction Suddha Weixler.
  • January of 2011, traveled to Chennai India to study at the “Heart of Yoga” Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram, completing the Svastha Yoga Program, Yoga for Wellness.
  • Spirit Rock Meditation Center in California April of 2009, graduated from Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training, an 18-month groundbreaking, first of its kind program, taught by the world’s leading dharma and yoga teachers, uniting yoga, Vipassana meditation and Patanjali’s classical yoga system. This program included three 10-day silent retreats and 250 hours of yoga and philosophy.
  • Aadil Palkhivala, 2009 and 2010, 2011 Purna Yoga Teacher Training & Intensive
  • Paul Grilley, Yin Teacher Training
  • Svritsa Ramaswami of Chennai, India Vinyasa Krama Teacher Training and other study
  • Gabriel Halpern for allowing me to apprentice in the therapeutic yoga program, “Good For What Ails You” and continued encouragement.
  • Sarah Powers, who first brought yin yoga and meditation into her life
  • Galey has more than 650 hours of yoga and meditation training
  • Recently completed 25 hours of private study with Dr. Indu Arora on pranayama, meditation and kriyas.
  •  May 2013 Completed 500 hour Training in Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training.
  • Presently working on 52 weeks of Everybody Biomechanics through the Restorative Exercise Institute.

Understanding that yoga is much more than simple postures and that it has the power to change lives, Galey truly enjoys helping students find their own way on their yoga journey. The perennial student, always exploring, she loves reading about yoga and meditation, taking classes, participating in training with master teachers, and being on retreat. Galey’s yoga philosophy is there is no other place to start other than right here, right now.

Galey is available for private instruction.  Contact her at or 815-474-3835