Class Expectations

No experience or extraordinary flexibility is required.

Wear comfortable clothing you can move in.

Hydrate before and after class.  It is best to limit drinking during class as this disrupts the upward flow of energy.

Avoid eating a large meal 2-3 hours before class.  Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach.

Please arrive prior to class, gather your props and settle in.  If you are late, please wait until after opening meditation to enter the practice.

Remove your shoes before entering the practice area.  This is an Eastern custom and keeps the floor clean for practice. Yoga is practiced in bare feet.

Place your shoes, purses, mat bags in the closet to keep the practice area clean.

Practice peacefulness.  No cell phones.  Please leave them in your car. This is time to focus on yourself.  Speak quietly while in the studio, both before and after class.

Yoga is an internal practice, so chatting during class is minimal.  Feel free to visit or ask the instructor questions after class.

Please inform your instructor before class of pregnancy, injury, illness, or special needs that may affect your practice.  This allows the instructor to provide you with modifications and the appropriate adjustments.

Follow the instructions that your are given for the asana.  Do not take the pose farther than instructed.  If you need a break, please rest on your mat until you feel ready to join the class.  Please practice the pose being taught.

Listen to your body and avoid over stretching or straining.  Yoga is non-competitive.

Don’t skip savasana.  Final resting pose (savasana) is an important part of your practice.  If you must leave early, save some time for a short rest, and leave class quietly before savasana to avoid disturbing others.