Private Lessons

Have you ever wondered,

“What is a private yoga session?” or,

“Who does private yoga?”

“How does this work?”

Yoga traditionally was only taught one on one.

How would private yoga benefit you?

General Benefits:
Learn the Basic Poses one on one.
Work on your fundamentals and alignment: align then strengthen.
Have a home practice designed specifically for you.
Work on specific poses.
Sports Enthusiasts hone your skills with yoga.
Learn or deepen pranayama and/or meditation practice.
Learn modifications and/or alignment for your body type.
Work on series in-depth that we teach in class.
Simply obtain the benefits of working one on one with a teacher.

Receive private instruction on how and why to sit.

Healing due to illness/injury or life changing event.
Especially beneficial for people with physical, emotional or life challenges.
To give you an idea of what we offer in yoga therapy…
Do you need help with Anxiety, Arthritis, Back Pain, Fertility, Fibromyalgia,
Headaches, IBS, Immune System, Insomnia, Female Cycle or Menopause Issues, Pregnancy,
Running Injuries, just to name a few…

In a private session, we may combine different types of yoga, pranayama, meditations, and nutrition advice to design a program that works just for you.
Many different options and pricing packages are available so you can take advantage of private sessions.

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